The New “Endangered” Edition for 2022

The 2022 Edition of the Quebec Anglo t-shirt (and sweatshirt too) is here, transformed from historic to endangered.

While the players and the portfolios may have changed, the reality is that there have yet to be any changes made to Bill 96 to allay the fears of Anglo Quebecers.

From capping CEGEP enrollment for Anglophone students, to extending language laws to even smaller businesses, to search and seizure powers for language inspectors, to official legal documents being available only in French, Bill 96, poses the biggest threat yet to English language rights and services.

While the original t-shirt announced our status as historic Anglos, this year’s shirt points out what many of us may be feeling now that the bill has become law. We can only hope that the reassurances made the by the provincial government that nothing will change as far as access to English services is concerned, is in fact the case.

Once again this year, proceeds from the sales of the shirts will support The Montreal Gazette Xmas Fund and the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Thank you for your support.

Are you an Historic Quebec anglophone?

If you are, you will be entitled to continue receiving services in English from the government and its various agencies and departments (at least from the same ones that make them available now). If you are not, then you will find new restrictions limiting your access to those same services. You may be asking, why this is necessary. Why would you suddenly need to ‘prove’ your historical status as an anglophone in Quebec?

Fair question, so here’s what we think will happen

After a government ordered review of linguistic practices within its own departments, the results showed some agencies were functioning with “vague linguistic policies” that were less than exemplary in protecting and promoting the French language. The government then used those findings as justification to introduce new legislation designed to reduce access to English services—their solution to protecting the French language. It declared that new arrivals to Quebec would no longer to able to access service in English from the government, unless they could prove they were “historic Quebec Anglos,” which brings us back to where we started.

Are YOU a Historic Quebec Anglo?

According to the premier, that determination would be the same one used under Bill 101 that mandated who would have access to English schools. If your parents went to an English school, you qualify. If not, you don’t. But what if you can’t find your or your parents’ certificate of eligibility? What if your parents were immigrants and didn’t go to school here at all? How will a list of qualifying Anglos be compiled, and who will be in charge of compiling it? And if you’re not a historic Anglo, what kind of an Anglo are you? Will you need to show identification? Know a secret password? No one really knows, but In the meantime we can all hope things won’t get worse and let the government know that we are concerned.